TRUST: The Basis of Relationships

Many people might argue that the basis of any relationship is love but I disagree. While love is also very important and paramount in most relationships, trust is the foundation of them. In order to be in a sturdy relationship, then you need to trust your partner.

Trust means having belief in your partner, knowing what he/her is capable of and then being able to defend them with what you know. Of course you cant just trust blindly, the other person has to give you relevant and indisputable reasons for you to trust them. Those reasons might be in the actions or words or even just a gut feeling.

There are many ways in which trust can come. For example, in the case of a child-parent relationship, a child automatically trusts his parent and that trust increases if he is being taken care of and treated well by the parent. When it comes to a boss-employee relationship, you need to be able to prove that you can be trusted.

And when it comes to a male-female love relationship, each one has to play their parts and make sure that they are able to prove to their spouse that they are worth being trusted. Once that is done, each of them should make sure that any doubts they have of the other is immediately smoothed out.

Of course, no one is perfect and no relationship is perfect and one might still doubt their partner at times, for example, when it comes to jealousy but one should always try to improve on trusting the other once those doubts are straightened out. You never know who is waiting in the background for you to split up so they can pounce. Do not give them the satisfaction.

Note that trust is like a glass or an egg. Once broken it can never be the same. So one should try not to break trust once it is given.

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