A very important aspect of every relationship is communication. Each person in every relationship should be able to communicate with the other. A lot of problems arise by lack of communication. Everything can easily be smoothed out when they are talked about.

Take Pam and Richard for example. Pam is Richard’s daughter. Richard is very strict with Pam. She is not allowed to go to parties, Richard will not bear to see his daughter drunk and behaving abnormally. She is not allowed to speak except when spoken to. She is only to come back home with grade A’s and nothing else. She is also to study medicine for Richard wants his only child to become a doctor.

But Pam does not want that. She wants to become an artist, she loves expressive art and is good at it. She wants to experience the wild feeling of being a teenager. She wants to be happy by doing what she loves but she cant. So she becomes depressed. She puts on a fake smile for everyone to see. Her self esteem becomes low due to the way her father treats her. She cannot talk to him for fear of what he would do to her. So she goes on like that. She starts to self-harm. Richard doesn’t realize until it is too late. This could have gone down better of they had just talked about it.

How about the case of Alex and Simone? Alex and Simone were to be married. The wedding was most anticipated, but not everyone was happy with it. Few days before the wedding, Alex received some photos from an unknown source. In it were his fiancee Simone getting all cozy with another man. Alex felt enraged that she would do that. He broke up with her without giving reason. Unfortunately, the pictures were morphed. It was done in such a way that it would be real. All of Simone’s clothes and accessories were used. It was hard not to be believed.

Simone never knew why Alex broke up with her. She was devastated but she learnt to move on. Alex found out when it was too late. Simone already belonged to someone else. The outcome of that event would have gone down differently if they had talked about it. What Alex should have done was to have gotten his anger out on something and then sat Simone down to talk about the photos with her. They would have solved it together.

There you have it. Lack of communication in every relationship is detrimental to its health. Learn how to communicate with your partner, dont keep your adventures bottled up. Let them all out and learn how to solve your problems together. That strenghtens every relationship.


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