“Is it a Bad Thing to have no Fights in a relationship?”

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Everyone knows it is a very normal thing to have fights in relationships. It strengthens them. I mean when you have a fight and it gets settled, you learn something more about your partner, maybe something they dislike or something else. Personally, i don’t think it is possible for any couple to not have fights. There is always something to fight about, even nothing, if you get what i mean, but i also don’t think it is a bad thing to not have fights. That might just mean that you and your partner really understand each other and maybe have the same mindset.

It is said that the best couples are the ones who fight. While that is true, another reason why they are great is due to the fact that they are able to settle it just as fast. It is not healthy to keep grudges while in a relationship. It is better to settle it as quickly as you can. Your communication skills are greatly needed in that aspect. You need to be able to speak with your partner. It might involve a lot of yelling and throwing of things but hey, at least you get the fight settled. (the throwing shouldn’t be occasional)

If the reason you are fighting is your fault then you should totally take responsibility. Be honest with your partner and apologize. If that’s not enough then remember that actions speak louder than words..you can choose to show that you a sorry instead.

Try to be rational, even when you are angry, and listen to what your partner has to say. What you are fighting about might just be a big misunderstanding.

Also whenever you have a fight, make sure you still have respect for your partner. Avoid name calling or demeaning them all in the name of being angry. Try to remember that while some things can still be fixed, words can never be taken back even if you try. So if you know you cant speak to your partner while angry, find something to let out your anger upon and then talk calmly. Everything will work out that way.


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