Friendships refer to feeling safe, possessing mutual affection and support for a person or people. So when you say you have a friend then you have some affection for that person, you feel safe with him/her and you are willing to provide support for that person and when the person is able to reciprocate, it becomes mutual.

It is a type of relationship and therefore it has its ups and downs but it is quite enjoyable. Yhu get to spend wonderful moments with your friend and the not so wonderful ones too. The point is they are just there when you need them.

Most of the times, your friends are capable of understanding you quite better than most of your folks do and that’s why we are able to tell them most things. Sometimes you might not see eye to eye but as your friendship progresses, you get to understand the other very well. Good friends will always be there to support you, help you grow and will always be loyal and honest with you.

There are different kinds of friends you should have. One is a best friend. One who will always be there for you, one you have utmost trust in so you can confide without fear in, One that would always have your back and is ready to defend you anywhere and anytime, One that helps you grow and will always remain loyal to you. Another is a work pal, one you are very comfortable with at your work place. Also you need someone who is completely different from you. If you are a complete introvert, you need someone as a friend who is an extrovert that can coerce you telling you that you need to get out once in a while and vice versa.

In order to keep friendships strong, you need to be very understanding of your friend, provide help when he/she needs it. Don’t ever leave a friend stranded, you never know in what circumstances you might meet again. Shower them with gifts and favors, ask them for advice so they can know you care quite much about what they think. Offer help so they know you are there. Be the best friend you can be


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