Personal Judgement

I once read an inspiring story online. It was about a girl in China named Li-Li. She got married and moved into her husband’s home. Her mother-in-law was also staying there.

Li-Li and her mother-in-law weren’t getting along. They were always fighting and arguing. Unfortunately for Li-Li, it was customary for her to bow to her mother-in-law’s whims and obey her every command. Her husband was not happy with the fact that they were always fighting.

One day, Li-Li had had enough. She went to a man named Mr. Huang and told him she wanted a permanent solution to her mother-in-law. So Mr. Huang decided to give her poison. But he told her that he wouldn’t give her a quick killing poison so people wouldn’t suspect Li-Li of killing her. Rather, he would give her the one which would slowly build up in her body before finally killing her. Then he advised her to act nicely towards her mother-in-law and obey all her commands as that would remove any suspicion directed towards her.

Li-Li went home and did as she was told to. She started to behave nicely towards her mother-in-law and she began to respect her. This made her mother-in-law change her attitude towards her too and they began to get along. They became close and her mother-in-law was always praising Li-Li saying she was the best daughter-in-law ever. Her husband was very happy with the change.

Some time later, Li-Li went back to Mr. Huang and she told him she needs his help for she does not want to poison her mother-in-law anymore. Her mother-in-law was completely changed towards her and she was like a mother to her and she didn’t want her to die.

Mr. Huang had smiled and told her that he had not given her poison but rather he gave her some vitamins to strengthen her mother’s health. What she just needed was to change her attitude towards her mother-in-law and see the effects.

That got me thinking..what was it that had made Li-Li and her mother-in-law not get along in the first place? Perhaps Li-Li and her mother-in-law had different perspectives in the way they saw things. Perhaps neither was willing to compromise and just wanted theirs to be better. Either way, that had not seen parked out for them. Both had been quick to judge the other on what they had seen and had formed an image of the person in that light. They got along when they realised that the other isn’t just the way they think.

This happens everyday..everyone is guilty of it. You judge based on what you see. It is always good to try to see the good in people.

Let’s see for instance..a boy who is quite troublesome, he flunks classes, he pranks teachers, he vandalises property thereby breaking the law..what everyone will see is a bad boy who they should stay away from..someone that’s a bad influence..someone that has a bleak future.

No one will try to understand why he would do that in the first place. Who knows probably there is a smart caring person lying beneath the debris that he poses as a facade in front of people.

So note, do not be quick to judge. Try to understand the situation and maybe the circumstance will come out better.


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